Sal Curioso

Brand Design, Installation Design, Art Direction

Sal Curioso is a restaurant with an elaborate brand story. Upon the success of Madame Sixty Ate, another restaurant by same creators, Sal Curioso was created as a sequel. Both restaurants represent a character that was created as part of the brand story. Madame Sixty Ate is an explorer who discovers new exotic animals on her travels; and Sal Curioso is an inventor who design and build contraptions that cook and prepare the strange animals that Madame Sixty Ate provides. This is a project I collaborated on during my internship with Substance, an award-winning design agency based in Hong Kong and Paris. I was primarily responsible for designing the illustrations and restaurant installation, and assisted with the overall branding.

Red Dot Communication Design Award winner 2013
Spikes Asia Award Corporate Identity Schemes Shortlist 2013





CD: Maxime Dautresme
Sr Designer: Hinz Pak
Designer: Vicky Lum
Designer: Claudia Yuen