Choose Your Own Combat Rig

Email Marketing, Visual Design, Content Strategy

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer introduces six new playable characters known as Combat Rigs that users can choose to play as. Each combat rig features different strengths, weaknesses and perks.

As part of the CRM team, our goal was to get players excited and familiarized with the game (and increase pre-orders) through email campaigns. By analyzing the data we’ve gathered from previous email campaigns, we find that creating an engaging campaign we can improve conversion rates. With these findings, we designed an engaging infographic email that leads you to a Combat Rig that suits you and your play style.

I worked closely with a content strategist to research the details of each combat rig. We took the defining features of each combat rig and came up with several categories with which we can rank them. Starting from there, we crafted questions and answers that would resonate with a wide range of Call of Duty players. After a series of brainstorming and flowchart sketching, we created this email campaign.





Content strategist: Chris Silva
Sr Designer: Charles Calixto