Caterpillar Parts 

UI/UX Designer, Art Direction

Caterpillar came to us with a problem: they have a lot of parts and no place to sell them. Currently, when a Caterpillar machine owner wants to purchase a part, they would have to first locate the item in Caterpillar’s vast and complicated online catalogue, verify that it works on their particular machine, and then contact a third-party retailer to order the part. We sought to simplify the process. Our goal was to create an online mobile-first platform where the Cat machine owner is able to manage his fleet, order replacement parts and browse for products seamlessly.

The first stage of the process was identifying key personas through business insight, identifying customer needs and pain points, then creating an initial prototype. At the second stage, our goal was to develop and validate the customer personas to ensure we are building for the right customer and providing as much value as possible. With that in mind, our team conducted field testing with 5 different customer types in Richmond, VA to get initial feedback on the prototype. The data we obtained helped guide us to the third stage of refining the user flow, user experience and overall visual design of the product.

I worked with a team of UX strategists and designers to create this website. My responsibilities included the visual and UI/UX design of the website from the landing page to the checkout process. I also created wireframes and user flow charts, and creating supporting graphics and presentations.

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UX Director: Shannon Walters
Sr Art Director: Marina Guerra
UX Designer: Jackie Antig
Content Strategist: Thea Boodhoo
Sr Designer: Eastman Garcia


Wireframes of the initial prototype

We wanted to make this process a seamless experience for the user. From our business insights, we found that many users don’t know their machine’s serial number. We proposed allowing the user to find their machine serial number through the machine’s built-in GPS, so as long as the user knows where their machine is, we can pick up its serial number, allowing the user to easily find a part that matches their particular machine. To simplify the maintenance process, we gave them an option to buy the part along with a maintenance kit, so that the user has all the items necessary for machine repair and upkeep. At the end of the checkout process, we also included an option for account creation, so that the user can manage their fleet of machines, conveniently order new parts, and keep track of their orders.


The 7 Personas

  1. Delivery Conscious

  2. Machine Upgrade

  3. Fleet Growth

  4. New Machine Purchase

  5. Current Owner

  6. Auction Purchase

  7. Current Parts Customer